My text is about politics and democracy in Norway. But I am only going to write generally about the subject. As you will see reading the text, I am going to compare Norway with USA. Recently USA has had a government election and it was historical. Barack Obama became the first black president in the United States of America. In Norway we don't have a president but a King and a prime minister. USA doesn't have a monarchy like Norway has.

In Norway we have something we call democracy. That means that the people are the one choosing who they want to rule the country. The democracy gives everyone the right to say their opinions. Respect for human rights is also an important part of the democracy.

The prime minister in Norway today is Jens Stoltenberg. He represents the party AP external image 33994_1.gif. Norway has many more parties than USA have. In Norway we have elections every second year. This year, 2009, we are electing a new government. In Norway everyone over 18 and who are Norwegian citizens can vote at a government election. People who have lived in Norway for three years and are over 18 can vote at the local government election. In Norway today there are three parties who rule the Parliament, AP, SV and SP, this is a coalition government. That means that parties work together, and if they win, they get the majority. When a party or several parties working in partnership have a majority, they have a greater chance to get through with cases that are important for them.

As I have mentioned earlier Norway have many more parties than USA. USA have two major contemporary political parties, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Barack Obama represents the Democratic Party.
external image jens-stoltenberg.jpgexternal image Barack_Obama.jpg
Jens Stoltenberg Barack Obama

When a party is running for election, there are many things the party has to go through. First they have to set up a nomination list. That is a list of all the members of the party that you can vote for. High up on the list stands the members the party think people will vote for, and trust. At the bottom off the list you find the ones the party doesn't think will get that many votes. People often vote for someone they like, someone they feel they can trust, and who they think will do a good job. The party decides who they want on the list, by voting. No one else but members of the party can vote. Then they have to come up with a slogan. AP's slogan is If welfare is the most important. The parties travel Norway around to get people to vote for them.

Like Norway, USA has a parliament. In USA the parliament is called The White House and includes the famous Oval room.
external image whitehouse.gif
The White House
external image stortinget.jpg
The parliament in Oslo.

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