Welcome to the site where you are to publish your texts during the next weeks.

Each group or member may create a new page, and the entire class is supposed to read what is presented and comment on both content, vocabulary, grammar, structure etc.

Hopefully, we will be able to create our very own (impressive) Wiki, quite similar to the pages you may find on Wikipedia.

Here are some interdisciplinary topics for those of you struggling to come up with a suggestion of your own:

  1. Natural disasters in the world and their impact on inflicted societies.
  2. Global differences of distribution and living conditions.
  3. Global ocean currents - What do they mean to the climate?
  4. Terrain formations in Norway.
  1. Old English and Old Norse.
  2. Grammatical characteristics of the Norwegian language compared to English.
Natural science
  1. Changes of natural environments: Consequences for indigenous people.
  2. Nutrition and health.
Social Studies
  1. Political parties in Norway and England: Different political viewpoints.
  2. The UN's role in the international activities of indigenous people.
  1. The Pythagorean theorem.

Queen of England and Ireland
Elizabeth I , "Darnley Portrait", c. 1575
Elizabeth I , "Darnley Portrait", c. 1575